Can You Use Liquid Bandage On Dogs?

When your canine companion is injured, you naturally want to do everything you can to stop the bleeding and reduce the chances of infection or further injury. When a person is injured, it’s relatively easy to take care of their wound; by contrast, dogs don’t understand why people want to cover their wounds, and they … Read more

Why Is My Dog Growling At Nothing?

It can be worrying for you to see your dog growling at nothing for no apparent reason.If only you could read your pet’s mind to know what’s bothering him! Why Do Dogs Growl At Nothing? Dogs growl at nothing because they have an acute sense of smell and an excellent hearing ability. Therefore they can … Read more

Can You Put Baby Powder On Dogs?

Many pet parents and sitters wonder if putting baby powder on dogs is safe. This question is asked a lot, especially during the winter months, when you don’t want your canine companion to fall sick after a bath but would like to get rid of the bad odor. Can You Put Baby Powder On Dogs? … Read more