Once A Dog Bites Will It Bite Again?

Most of us love dogs and even own one or two.

They make great pets and lifetime companions. And although most of them will get into some type of trouble once in a while, overall they are good creatures.

However, with any doggy problem that may occur, whether simple or severe, behavioral issues are on the top of the list.

Today we will be discussing behavioral issues when it comes to biting and if it is likely or even possible for your dog to bite again.

Have a seat and get comfortable as we discuss our topic at hand.

Dogs Biting 101

The technical meaning of a bite is really any time your dog’s teeth come into contact with human skin or clothes in any aggressive manner. This does not mean that the teeth actually have to penetrate skin or clothing.

A dog bite doesn’t always have to be a serious injury.

Naturally, it is always best to prevent them with proper training and coaching. Not only could your hound attack another animal, but he or she could also bite another human.

This is not only dangerous and irresponsible, but it could end up costing you in medical bills and potentially hefty fines.

No matter where you live, you always need to know the laws in your area. Liability is always the main worry of any dog owner. Some states have stricter legal implications than others.

There are states where a law called the one bite rule is followed. This basically means that the owner of the canine gets a “get out of jail free card“ in terms of liability. However, they only have the one time option.

The second bite is going to be a real problem. That is why it is best to watch for these habits as early on as possible and correct them whenever possible.

Some states with this law also have limitations. A great example is if the canine in question has shown any sort of aggressive signs or tendencies prior to the incident.

You could possibly get a pass as well if your dog has never shown these hostile signs before.

If things are done well and properly then most people will never have to utilize this exception.

Since this is really just a basic overlay of a law of this type, you should always confirm the exact regulations and details in your area when it comes to dog bites.

Any time a canine bites someone, there is a higher chance that it will do it again in the future.

While they can occur during play time occasionally, most of bites happen because the canine was scared for some reason or another.

A lot of dogs will see biting as effective when scared and trying to get away. This usually sticks in their memory and know that he or she could use that strategy again in the possible future.

A way to help make a significant behavior modification is by keeping track of it and writing it down. Also possibly finding the reason behind it will help as well.

Something that is very easy to fix or modify in your home could help solve the issue. Proper training from a very early age is the absolute best solution if you have a canine that chews or has signs of aggression.

It is very possible that you may need to enroll your pet in certain training classes or obedience school.

The top goal is to manage the situation in a way that your mutt won’t hurt someone else or anything else in general. If you do have an animal with such a chronic conduct, it is very important to learn how to lead themaway from the situations that might cause them to attack again.

If you need advice you can always contact a certified behavioral specialist, or a veterinarian for other tips and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Dog Be Rehabilitated After Biting?

The short answer to this question is yes, with a proper dog training , rehabilitation after biting is possible. Most studies that have been conducted have come back with successful results of rehabilitation after biting another animal or person. A lot of this depends on a few major factors. The first factor being whether or not the hound in question is a repeat offender or not. The next factor to take into consideration is exactly how severe the injury to the person or animal was. Depending on these things will help when your hound goes to see a behaviorist to determine whether or not it can be rehabilitated or not.

Do Dogs Feel Guilty After They Bite?

Sadly enough dogs do not experience guilt. Your pet may be giving all of the signs that points to guilt, but this is not the case. When a dog bites you it is usually for a reason. When they shows signs of guilt after the fact, it is usually because they know that you are mad about something. Your puppy has no idea what you are saying exactly thus, they behave like this to show submission in order for you to calm down.

Why Do Dogs Bite Their Owners?

When it comes to your dog biting you, whether severe or mild there are a few different possibilities. The first reason being that they are trying to establish dominance. They most likely think that he or she is the pack leader and when you show that you are in charge, this can confuse them and cause them to attack. They could also be trying to protect something of theirs. Dogs also have a tendency to bite out of fear when they feel threatened or are afraid.

Do I Have To Get Rid Of My Dog If He Bites?

Some hounds never grow out of this somewhat natural dog behavior however and become more aggressive as time goes on. There are a few things to consider first though before getting rid of your canine. The first factor being the age of your pup. You should try to find the source of the conduct as well. If you have ruled out health issues as the cause then you may need to take your dog in to have a psychological evaluation done. If they do not stop attacking it is recommended that you get rid of your hound to avoid injuries.

Will My Dog Be Put Down For Biting Someone?

Just because your dog bit someone that does not mean that they will be put down necessarily. First thing you need to do is kennel your dog somehow and remove them from the situation entirely. Next you need to go talk to the person who was bitten or hurt. Tell them that you will cover all medical expenses and offer them a medical kit as well as to drive them to a hospital if needed. Now do not be fooled, this does not mean that you should admit that it was your dog’s fault. After all of this you need to purchase a muzzle for your dog and take them to the veterinarian. Tell them what happened and that you need a referral to see an animal behaviorist who handles canine aggression. Remember all police officers and animal control workers need a warrant to enter your home and take your dog away from you.



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