My Dog Ate A Dryer Sheet What Do I Do?

dog ate dryer sheet header

Anyone who owns a dog knows that, sometimes, there is just no explanation for what your pet will find appetizing. Pups have been known to eat their toys, your socks, and the occasional houseplant. But what do you do if your dog, for some obscure reason known only to himself, decides that those dryer sheets … Read more

My Dog Ate Glass What Should I Do?

We all know that some things are good for us, and some things are not. Humans have the ability to reason what they should, and should not be eating. Dogs may lack this ability, and eventually will make a bad choice and will gulp something before thinking. What happens when you realize your dog ate … Read more

My Dog Ate A Stick Of Butter What Should I Do?

My Dog Ate A Stick Of Butter header

You’re taking inventory of the ingredients laid out on the kitchen table. Wait a minute – what happened to that stick of butter? That when you notice your beloved pet licking his lips with a satisfied expression. The whole stick of buttery goodness has completely disappeared, and you can hazard a guess as to who … Read more

My Dog’s Head is Hot, Why?

You’re sitting there, relaxed, and your trusty canine companion comes over, just wanting to share the moment with you. You reach down to gently ruffle the fur on his head, and you notice a slight warmth. Is that normal? He may seem a bit warm, like a child running a fever. But can you diagnose … Read more

How To Induce Vomiting in Your Dog

Dogs are well known as scavengers, eating many different things that are well outside their normal diet. If it’s within reach and its smell tells your pup that it may be food, then it has probably been consumed. For dog owners, the real concern is whether to induce vomiting or take other action that might … Read more