Does Home Depot Allow Dogs?

If you’re like any loving dog owner, then you probably want to take your canine companion with you whenever you leave the house. A trip to Home Depot would certainly be no exception. The aisles are spacious and roomy enough for you to walk your canine companion around in. The only question is, does Home Depot even allow dogs inside their stores? That is a question many pet owners have. 

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The quick answer is that it depends on which branch of Home Depot you visit. Some Home Depot branches allow you to take your dog on a leash into their stores while other branches do not allow it. You need to check with the individual manager of the store to find out.

Do a simple Google search for a term like “Home Depot ZIP CODE dog policy” and see what comes up. If you don’t see any direct links to the dog policies of your local Home Depot, then at least check out the franchise’s individual website and copy down their phone number. Then make a call to the store manager to find out more information on their pet policies.

There is no official corporate policy against bringing dogs into Home Depot stores. The decision to allow pets into these stores is left up to their respective managers. Remember that Home Depot has franchises all over the country. Each franchise is owned by an individual franchisee. Although the franchisees are required to follow the guidelines of the corporate office, they also have some freedom when it comes to their individual store policies.

For instance, the franchisee sets the policy over whether dogs are allowed into their Home Depot store. If their policy is against it, then everyone who works in their store must turn away customers who are accompanied by their pets. This can be really disconcerting for some customers who depend on their dogs for medical or therapeutic purposes.

When a pet owner is turned away, they feel tempted to leave their pet in the car and go inside the store alone. You can do this, but please remember to leave the windows down in the car. Dogs need oxygen and coolness as humans do. If you were to leave your canine companion inside a parked car of a Home Depot parking lot with the windows up, then some good Samaritan might smash the windows to free the animal. To prevent this situation from happening, simply bring your furry friend home first and then go back to the shop to do your shopping.

If the franchisee does not have a policy against dogs, then you must still abide by their rules. One common rule is that you need a leash on your canine companion. There is no franchisee which permits dogs to run around loose in the store on their own. Owners are required to tame their pets with a leash and walk with them wherever they go. Anyone who fails to comply with such rules will be kicked out of the shop.  

The size of the pet does not matter either. You can bring a little pup like a Chihuahua or a big one like a Saint Bernard, and it is acceptable if they’re leashed. However, everything the animal does on the premises is your responsibility. Urination and bowel movements on the floor cannot just be left there. You are expected to clean up any mess that your pup makes while they’re in the shop. This is just common courtesy to other customers, but it bears mentioning.

Observe your canine companion around other people and property. If your pup chews a product on the shelf or bites another person, you are liable for all the damages. Home Depot nor its franchisee will take no responsibility for the actions of your pet. It is advised that you ensure your pup is well behaved and disciplined enough to not cause problems in a public setting like this one.

In conclusion, call your local Home Depot and ask them whether you can bring your pup. Don’t make the mistake of taking your dog there without knowing if it’s acceptable. Otherwise, you’ll end up embarrassing yourself and creating an awkward situation. In most stores, it should be allowed.

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