Is it safe for my dog to eat a banana?

Is it safe for my dog to eat a banana?

You’re eating a banana and the puppy eyes are in full effect…  Can I please have some? is the silent request. And it’s a great question – can dogs eat bananas safely? In small amounts, yes, it is safe for your dog to eat bananas. Like all fruits, they have a number of essential elements … Read more

My Dog Ate An Apple Core Should I Be Worried?

We all know that dogs tend to gulp just about anything. From puppies to senior citizens, the strangest things seem to tempt them. We worry about them trying to eat our socks, or a child’s toy, loose change, or even some gravel from the yard. But such innocent fruit sounds harmless enough, doesn’t it? How … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Brown Sugar?

What parent can resist a child begging for treats? And are we any better at saying “No!” to our beloved pets? Who can resist the imploring look, the fetching tilt of a little head? Sometimes, sugar seems to buy love. But is it safe to purchase affection from our pets with a sweet snack? Can … Read more