The best guard dogs for first time owners 

best guard dogs for first time owners

Can a first-time dog owner just choose any guard breed they want?  Having a guard dog as your first dog is a big decision. While these dogs can be incredibly loving and bring lots of happiness to your family, they also represent a very real danger because of their nature and their strength.  Of course, … Read more

What Is A Kingfish Pitbull?

Pitbulls as a breed get a very bad name due to prejudice and false information being passed around from person to person. However, this breed is actually one of the best ones to own. The cool thing about the Pitbull breed is all of its the sub-breeds and their bloodlines. The term “Kingfish” is simply … Read more

Pitbull St Bernard Mix: A complete Guide

In their search for a perfect family dog, many people are turning to specially bred hybrids, or so-called “designer dogs.” And one crossbreed of interest may be the Pit Bull St Bernard Mix. Bred in the hopes of combining a gentle and a patient nature of the St. Bernard with the courage and tenacity of … Read more