can you use bactine on dogs?

Many dog parents wonder if it’s wise to use human products (like Bactine) on their pets. But sometimes, that’s all you have in your medicine cabinet. The question remains though, is it safe? Can ou use Bactine on dogs? Bactine can be used on your dog’s minor cuts. It contains benzalkonium chloride, which is an … Read more

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What Do Vets Do For A Dog’s Broken Leg?

A fracture is the breaking of a bone. However, each fracture is different depending on the situation. The power of the impact is the predominant factor in the severity of the fracture. A collision with a vehicle often results in multiple fractures of the legs and pelvis, sometimes open, whereas a fall usually results in … Read more

How Can You Tell If Your Dog’s Leg Is Sprained?

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How Do You Know If Your Dog’s Foot Is Broken?

A fracture is a break in the continuity of a bone. All dogs are exposed to the risk of accidents and, therefore fractures, but dogs that are not very obedient or very shy, young dogs will be particularly at risk. Causes The most common causes of fractures are accidents: collision with a car or bicycle, … Read more

What Can You Do For A Dog With A Broken Leg?

The procedure only begins when the veterinarian treats your dog’s broken leg. The care you provide can either lead to a quick recovery of the dog’s leg with perfect use of the injured limb or can lead to quite serious complications. There are many things you should consider when helping a dog recover from a … Read more

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